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Cat adventure game Slapdashdelayed to summer 2022

Cat suckers will have to stay a bit longer to get their paws on Stray. Inventor BlueTweleve Studio’s nimble simulator wo n’t release in early 2022 as preliminarily blazoned. It’s now slated to come out eventually this summer. Sony participated news of the detention in a tweet spotted by The Verge. “ Releasing summer 2022,” says the videotape accompanying the communication.The clip includes footage from the gameplay walkthrough publisher Annapurna Interactive participated last summer. And if you ’re curious what Stray is each about, that videotape provides a many suggestions. In it, we see the game’s nimble promoter explore a neon- soaked megacity peopled by robots of all shapes and sizes. Gameplay involves using his capacities as a cat to break environmental mystifications. Partway through your trip, you