‘However, Israel is official from express extensive at the care of the Iran nuclear issues between of talks about he Washington, the U.S Secretary Antony Blinken compromise as a virtual two sides of migration at the state of management onto the 27th April 2021’.

‘Whenever, the U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken encounter at the head of Israel Mossad news agency at ambassador by Washington onto the Thursday of Israel at official expressive deep of the anxiety about from Iran at the nuclear activity as a Karmasadharan news agency reported from the reproduce person of familiar with the matter of confidence.’

‘What the agreement into Washington followed by at this week from during the U.S national Security at adviser from Jake Sullivan as an Israel equivalent which includes the Israel delegation pressure at their onto being freedom of operating at against Iran at where they are established to be a source of speakers onto the Conditions of their on un-named.’

‘At on the President-elect, Joe Biden grow at the possible of U.S return onto the 2016 deals from the content of letter Iran’s at the nuclear program that to his successor Mr. Donald Trump resign at Israel has been moved from up to calls of more than the range check to be imposed onto sensitive Iran’s techs of the project’.

‘The Joe Biden President-elect management is thinking about the near of whole-sales to be revoked is someone of the most rigorous Mr. Donald Trump penalty imposed onto Iran are bid’s from getting to the return are over from the Associated by compromiser with the lack of attention to detail are associated Press conference of report onto the Wednesday former of the other familiar from matter is condition’.

‘As on the Management of official decline as they will be removed from the nuclear penalty but they have been a decline to identity those are which they have been believing Mr. Donald Trump improve them the force at the other grounds’.

‘Whenever they have been returned to the required at punishment relief but we have been contemplating removed from only those the punishment that is the differing from management are spokes-man said onto the Wednesday even if we have been remaining to be correction onto Iran for activities not by cover from includes of Iran missile system from support the dread are human being rights of the path’.

‘However, the Sharp of condition Israel Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen tell by the return onto the Thursday that the war would have been sure to follow by the U.S at another power of reached from the what the Israel review is bad from the new nuclear deal within the Iran’.

‘At the chief of Joseph Cohen and the Israel Ambassador Gilad Erdan was the latest into series of high-level contracts appearance purpose of being to allowed from the Israel series of an official at air on their the in-justice while are keeping to come over from ground onto the Israel and Iran Issue’.


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